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Importance of Robotics

Irrespective of whether a child chooses to become a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, a lawyer, an accountant, a teacher, or an international chef, robotic literacy is inevitable!

Children need to learn and be made aware of these technologies at an early age. They can learn these technologies based on their interest levels and understand the real-world applications of these technologies. This will be useful for them to adopt these technologies in their respective professions, giving them a competitive edge over the others.

Robotics is transforming lives and workplaces.

Why everyone should learn robotics?

  • Robotics is the pathway to the
  • Robotics builds interdisciplinary
  • Robotics rekindles the passion
    for technology
  • Robotics encourages curiosity
    and creativity
  • Robotics teaches
    problem solving skills
  • Robotics creates
    global opportunities

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Age Group: 6+

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