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Coming Soon in Thrissur: RoboPark

RoboPark in Thrissur, India, is where technology and innovation come alive. Our dynamic ecosystem comprises four unique verticals designed to inspire and educate visitors of all ages. 

RoboLand showcases the wonders of robotics and futuristic tech, while Inker Teknowledge Academy offers hands-on learning for the digital age. Inker Futuristech turns innovative ideas into real-world solutions through R&D, and Inkubator helps entrepreneurs transform concepts into thriving businesses. Together, these pillars create an ecosystem of education, innovation, and inspiration, making RoboPark a hub for creativity, knowledge, and technological advancement. 

Project RoboPark



RoboMaker is a fun and interactive way for kids to explore the world of futuristic technologies and robotics. With the RoboBox, a hands-on robotics kit, children can unleash their creativity and learn about science and robotics through engaging stories, animated videos, and interactive lessons.

Our gamified Inker Learn platform turns complex topics into exciting adventures with quests, leaderboards, activities, badges, and flashcards. Say goodbye to boring lectures—RoboMaker makes learning an adventure. By the end of the course, every child will have built their first robot, unleashing their potential and making the experience both educational and unforgettable. 

Expert Services

Slide Robotics Show Immerse yourself in the future with our robotic shows, showcasing advanced technology, innovative designs, and thrilling performances.
Slide Summer Camp Robotic summer camp for an immersive experience with hands-on projects and cutting-edge technology! Slide Internship Gain valuable real-world experience and kickstart your career with our internship opportunities.

Slide School & College Labs Design & implement advanced technology labs for schools and colleges, featuring the latest in robotics and AI. Slide Skill Development Program Sharpen your talents and unlock new career opportunities, paving the way for your growth.
Slide Workshops Hands-on workshops to mold tech enthusiasts into experts on the latest tools and technologies.
Slide On the Job Training Hands-on training for career success! Dive into real-world projects and accelerate your career with us.
Slide Bootcamp Intensive hands-on training in robotic technologies and applications, turning participants into proficient robotics experts. Slide Faculty Development Program Empowers educators with the latest teaching methodologies and technological advancements.
Slide Industrial Visit Join us for an enriching industrial visit to gain practical insights and experience industry best practices firsthand. Slide Research & Development Dedicated to pioneering innovations that shape the future, driving progress and creating impactful solutions for tomorrow's challenges. Slide School Classes Interactive learning, hands-on projects, and advanced tech fostering creativity with our custom curriculum and kits. Slide Robotic Rentals Our robotic rentals provide advanced solutions tailored to your specific requirements for events and celebration. Slide Product Development Focus on transforming ideas into market-ready solutions, leveraging innovation, expertise, and market insights. Slide Integrated Solutions Seamlessly combine technology and strategy to deliver comprehensive and efficient outcomes tailored to your specific needs. Slide Robo Kits Immersive learning experience, allowing enthusiasts of all ages to build, program, and explore the fascinating world of robotics. Slide Events - Inaugration Immerse yourself in our engaging events where creativity, learning, and connections unite for unforgettable experiences.
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